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Our campus grounds hundreds of used trucks of leading international brands. We have the capabilities to offer varying options adjusted to your needs and wants. Whether it is for a spot sale, a leasing agreement, a turn-key project or a tender agreement, we will deliver qualitative solutions with the right terms and agreements.

Available Used Trucks
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For Sale 5854-man-6x4-euro2-1.jpg

MAN TGS 33.400 6x4

Mileage:NEW km
Emission classEuro 2
PriceUpon request
Sold 3808-volvo-fh16-1.jpg

Volvo FH16 (Sold)

Mileage:291326 km
Emission classEuro 0
Price€ 13.950
Sold 2929-scania-r620-2008-1.jpg

Scania R620 6x2

Mileage:759.292 km
Emission classEuro 4
Price€ 24.900
Sold 2195-mercedes-benz-actros-2551-1.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2551 ADR 300km

Mileage:357.187 km
Emission classEuro 5
Price€ 46.950
Sold 2651-mercedes-benz-actros-1844-ls-1.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Actros 1844 LS

Mileage:467.636 km
Emission classEuro 3
Price€ 12.950
Sold 3175-man-tga-18430-4x2-2006-1.jpg

MAN TGA 18.430 ADR

Mileage:604.383 km
Emission classEuro 3
Price€ 9.950
Sold 3610-man-tgs26-1.jpg

MAN TGX 26.540 6x6

Mileage:306.648 km
Emission classEuro 5
Price€ 44.950
Sold 3517-img-0217.jpg

MAN TGX 26.440 4x4x2 Hydrodrive

Mileage:698.175 km
Emission classEuro 4
Price€ 18.900
Sold 3724-volvo-fh400-4x2-1.jpg

Volvo Volvo FH400 (Sold)

Mileage:849977 km
Emission classEuro 3
Price€ 12.500
Sold 3950-mercedes-benz-actross-2660-1.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2660 (Sold)

Mileage:435127 km
Emission classEuro 4
Price€ 32.800
Sold 4166-2004-trx-182-1.jpg

Kalmar TRX 182 4x4 (Sold)

Emission classEuro 2
Price€ 17.950
Sold 4242-fh-420-1.jpg

Volvo FH 420 6x2 (Sold)

Mileage:924512 km
Emission classEuro 5
Price€ 28.950
Sold 4372-volvo-fh400-2008-1.jpg

Volvo FH 400 6x2 (Sold)

Mileage:616072 km
Emission classEuro 5
Price€ 17.950
Sold 4734-volvo-fm400-1.jpg

Volvo FM400 (2008) (Sold)

Mileage:682500 km
Emission classEuro 5
PriceUpon request
Sold 5037-daf-xf105510-1.jpg

DAF XF 105.510

Mileage:617615 km
Emission classEuro 5
PriceUpon request
Sold 5677-volvo-fh16-1.jpg

Volvo FH16 8x4 (sold)

Mileage:226119 km
Emission classEuro 4
PriceUpon request
Sold 2187-img-4575.jpg

Volvo FH 500

Mileage:680.152 km
Emission classEuro 5
Price€ 34.950
Sold 2280-daf-xf-105510-hook-lift-1.jpg

DAF XF 105.510 8x2

Mileage:477.431 km
Emission classEuro 5
Price€ 49.950
Sold 3859-daf-ae23ht-platform-1.jpg

DAF AE23HT Platform Truck

Mileage:378336 km
Emission classEuro 0
Price€ 16.250
Sold 4508-volkswagen-lt35-1.jpg

Volkswagen VW LT35 + Trailer

Year:2002 & 2004
Mileage:113812 km
Emission classEuro 3
PriceUpon request
Horsetrailer- camper
Sold 4765-daf-ae45ce-1.jpg

DAF Aerial platform

Mileage:183301 km
Emission classEuro 2
Price€ 8.950
Sold 3978-mercedes-benz-atego-815-1.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Atego 815

Mileage:309348 km
Emission classEuro 3
Price€ 3.950
Sold 3473-img-0385.jpg

Volvo FM 7

Mileage:630.050 km
Emission classEuro 2
Price€ 11.950

specialized in offering used trucks for sale

Selling used trucks is one of the core activities of Womy Equipment Supply B.V. For many years, Womy has specialized in offering the trucks for sale. Our experience ensures that we can give you the best advice and can use our huge network that has been set-up throughout the years. 

range trucks of leading international brands

Our range consists trucks with different characteristics. The used trucks that are for sale are from leading international brands. These brands are known for their excellent quality and innovation. In our range do you find brands like DAF, Mercedes-Benz, MAN and many more.

Low prices and high-quality service at womy

Due to the fact that Womy has been in the business for over 25 years, we are able to offer solid after sales solutions for the purchased used trucks. With the long lasting relations with suppliers, we can offer sharp prices for spare parts in order to keep your trucks in working condition.  

send us your request to get more information

Do you wanna get more information about a truck from our range? Send us your request. Or do you have a question about one of the used trucks? Please contact us. We are happy to help you further!

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