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Used Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a light commercial van that launched in Europe in 1995. Because of the high quality Mercedes provides the Sprinter is considered by many to be the king of cargo and passenger vans. And it sone of the best-selling vans in the world.

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Sold Used Mercedes Benz Sprinter - Sprinter 516 CDI (NEW)

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 516 CDI (NEW)

Mileage:2000 km
Emission classEuro 6
PriceUpon request
Sold Used Mercedes Benz Sprinter - Sprinter CDI 616

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter CDI 616

Mileage:525885 km
Emission classEuro 3
Price€ 5.500

Used Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Are you looking for a high quality used Mercedes Sprinter van? Womy is the supplier of used buses. With over 25 years of experience Womy Equipment Supply B.V. is maintaining a high level of expertise in transporting solutions. At this point we certainly know we have a solution for every transportation problem.

Why do I need to choose for a Mercedes Benz Sprinter?

You see a lot more Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans with an older manufacturing year then of any other brand. The reason behind this is that Mercedes Benz Sprinters are equipped with diesel engines. A diesel engine has easily twice the longevity of a gasoline-powered option. Next to that the Mercedes Sprinter has a superior steering system and brings a high level of comfort.

Why choose for a Used Mercedes Benz Sprinter?
Because Sprinter vans are durable they are known for driving thousands of miles without any problems. Buying a used Mercedes Benz Sprinter is a great investment if you are looking for a high quality van that can still give you a lot of miles full of comfort and joy.

Usable for a lot of solutions

Because of the size of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter its usable for a lot of purposes:

  • Use the van as a foodtruck on festivals
  • Converting it to a camper to travel the world
  • Convert it to treat animals inside the van
  • Convert it as a mobile bicycle workshop
  • Covert it to a portable DJ boot
  • Converting it to a icecream truck

All the solutions above are just some examples of what some creativity and hard work on a used Mercedes Benz Sprinter can offer u.

Modified to your special needs

With a garage that has the ability to maintain, fix and modify used Mercedes Benz Sprinters. Womy is operating a lot of the general activities on its own. Nevertheless, in the case of need for uncommon desires like the one named above. Womy will go the extra mile and make use of their comprehensive network of suppliers. To fulfil your needs and supply the perfect Mercedes Sprinter van.

Contact us if you are interested in buying a used Mercedes Sprinter

Are you interesting in buying a used Mercedes Benz Sprinter? Contact us and together we can find a solution for your transportation problem.

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