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Used MAN Lion's City

The Lion's City is a bus of the German brand MAN. It is a low floor bus that makes getting in and out easier. The MAN Lion's City is the ideal candidate for tender agreements. We have the capability to adjust or apply modifications to the buses in favour of winning tender agreements.

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For Sale Used MAN Lion's City - Lion's City (CNG | 18 m | 2008)

MAN Lion's City (CNG | 18 m | 2008)

Mileage:650.000 km
Emission classEEV
Price€ 11.950
For Sale Used MAN Lion's City - Lion's City A78 (EEV/EURO 5| 2007 | AIRCO)

MAN Lion's City A78 (EEV/EURO 5| 2007 | AIRCO)

Mileage:921000 km
Emission classEEV
PriceUpon request
Sold Used MAN Lion's City - Lion's City A78 (2007) (Sold)

MAN Lion's City A78 (2007) (Sold)

Mileage:879747 km
Emission classEuro 5
PriceUpon request
Sold Used MAN Lion's City - Lion's City T A78 (2009)

MAN Lion's City T A78 (2009)

Mileage:900000 km
Emission classEEV
PriceUpon request

25 years of experience in modifying used MAN LIon's City buses

Womy Equipment Supply B.V. offers a range of used MAN Lion's City buses. Over the years Womy has gained a lot of experience preparing and modifying used Lion's City buses accordingly to the desired needs of a customer. In the process of executing these preparations and modifications, Womy is able to use its huge network that has been set-up throughout the years.

Man Lion's City: Efficiency along the line

When it comes to comfort and convenience, safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, the MAN Lion's City sets the tone. Numerous technical innovations inside and out, as well as the multi-award-winning design, make the MAN Lion‘s City the perfect companion for the everyday urban jungle. As a solobus, the MAN Lion's City is practical in size, which makes for an easy and comfortable journey, but it also makes the MAN Lion's City bus easier to clean and maintain.

Functional and comfortable

Comfort and functionality are the main features of the MAN Lion's City. The interior ambience of the MAN Lion’s City is characterised by friendly, harmonious colours. Needless to say, the MAN Lion’s City is compliant with EU Directive 2001/85/EC, including the provisions for the transportations of reduced-mobility passengers.

A comfortable command post

The attractive design of the driver’s work place in the MAN Lion's City, meets the expectations of a classy car cockpit. Everything in the MAN Lion's City is oriented towards the driver. The height and angle of the driver's seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to suit the driver. The controls are logically laid out and effortlessly reachable. All the important information is available at a glance and all the instruments are easily readable in daylight and at night. In the MAN Lion's City, the driver feels immediately at home.


Due to the fact that Womy has been in the business for over 25 years, we are able to offer solid after sales solutions for the purchased Man Lion's City buses. With the long lasting relations with suppliers, we can offer sharp prices for spare parts in order to keep your Man Lion's City bus in working condition.

Flexible to your budget

Even though not all used MAN Lion's City buses we offer do have functioning air-conditioning, we can arrange the repairmen, or even the instalment of new air-conditioning systems. If this is too expensive, we can offer other alternatives in making your customers travel as comfortable as possible.

A product according to your special needs

With a garage that has the ability to maintain, fix and modify used MAN Lion's City buses buses, Womy is operating a lot of the general activities on its own. Nevertheless, in the case of need for uncommon desires, Womy will go the extra mile and make use of their comprehensive network of suppliers.

Multiple agreements with different brands

Over the years Womy has been involved in the execution of countless international tenders. These tenders vary accordingly per country, per region, per customer. In order to fulfil as many different needs as possible, Womy has multiple agreements amongst brands that are involved in the construction or modification of used MAN Lion's City buses.

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