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Used City buses 2008

Used City buses from 2008 belong to the wide range of Womy. Our site on campus consists of hundreds of used buses, including City buses from 2008. We have the possibility to offer different options that are adapted to your needs and wishes. Whether it is a spot sale, a lease agreement, a turn-key project or a tender agreement, we will deliver qualitative solutions with the right conditions and agreements.

For Sale 6291-man-a78-2007-1.jpeg

MAN Lion's City A78 (EEV| 2007 | WHEELCHAIR | 7 UNITS)

Mileage:921000 km
Emission classEEV
PriceUpon request
For Sale 4961-mercedes-citaro-o530-2008-1.jpg

Mercedes-Benz Citaro O530 (2008)

Mileage:855263 km
Emission classEEV
PriceUpon request
Sold 4300-volvo-8700le-1.jpg

Volvo 8700 BLE (sold)

Mileage:567278 km
Emission classEEV
PriceUpon request

product range of used city buses from 2008

Used City buses from 2008 are part of our extensive range of hundreds of used buses or leading international brands. Over the years Womy has developed certain levels of expertise in the area of transporting solutions with used City buses from 2008.


Due to the fact that Womy has been in the business for over 25 years, we are able to offer solid after sales solutions for the purchased of a used City bus from 2008. With the long lasting relations with suppliers, we can offer sharp prices for spare parts in order to keep your used City bus in working condition.  

Extended services

Due to the experience that Womy has gained over time, Womy is able to offer extended services in the modification of a used City bus from 2008. Specialized vehicles that offer safe and reliable transport for people with disabilities for instance. Specially designed vans that carry equipment for mechanics who are always on the road. Due to the network that Womy has created, the ability to offer extended services such as after sales services or additional modification, can be executed flawlessly.


Womy has faced challenging projects abroad in the area of transporting solutions over the years, which vary from public transportation tenders in Romania to executing turn-key projects in Ivory Coast.  

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