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Opening WER Cuba - Opening WER Cuba

The opening of Womy Equipment Rental in ZED Mariel

[Mariel, Cuba] Tuesday 31st October Womy Equipment Rental, the extension of the already existing Womy Equipment Supply, has officially opened the doors of their 1st facility in ZED Mariel Cuba.

Womy Equipment Supply has been around in Cuba for quite some time. With over 26 years of experience in providing all sorts of transport, lifting and after sales solutions, the company expands their current course of actions with a rental company.

Womy Equipment Supply has already been involved with renting equipment in Cuba before. Womy Equipment Supply won the tender of changing the flares at Havana's refinery in cooperation with Cubiza. All the meetings, the discussions and studies regarding the possibilities of the execution, in combination with the opportunity offered by ZED Mariel, enlightened the spark for Womy to start a company only involved with the rental of equipment, Womy Equipment Rental.

Womy Equipment (Rental and Supply) is part of Mobilift International. Mobilift International is known for its huge equipment rental operations throughout the Netherlands, especially in the harbour of Rotterdam. However, Mobilift's focus is internationally active as well. With offices in multiple parts of Europe, West-Africa, the Middle East and now their second office in Cuba, the group is becoming a global player in the horizontal- and vertical transport industry.

A lot of experience, knowledge and expertise is a result of clustering all offices within Mobilift International. With combining all forces of the offices together, a strong foundation has been built for Womy Equipment Rental in Mariel. The office will be the centre point for the support in construction, logistics, renewable energy, and repair industry in Cuba.

Why Womy?

  • Backed by more than 25 years of experience
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  • Member of the Peinemann Mobilift Group
  • Branch offices all around the world
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